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Relaunch coating laboratory and coating consultancy department COT at Nebest

As of March 14, 2023, Nebest B.V. has restarted the coating laboratory and coating consulting division of COT. The COT brand name comes into the hands of Nebest. This secures the good name of COT. The senior inspectors/consultants will transfer to Nebest, the laboratory will remain -due to accreditation- a separate entity: Nebest COT B.V. For both services continuity for the customer is thus guaranteed.

Jeroen de Goeij, managing director of Nebest, says: “We welcome our new clients and employees and are very pleased to facilitate the relaunch. Our first priority is to guarantee service to customers. This relaunch fits completely with Nebest’s strategy, in which we are committed to providing a complete package related to asset management in civil engineering, industry and construction. More knowledge and research opportunities in the field of coating fit seamlessly with this”.

For more information, please visit our contact page or contact Mark Lodema at or by phone at 06 208 670 73.