Autoclave tests

Over the years, the demand for paint testing at high pressure and temperature in combination with corrosive gases as for instance hydrogen sulfide increases. In various standards and specifications such as ISO 15741, EN 10289, EN 10290, ARAMCO 09-SAMSS-067 APCS 27, NACE TM0185 or various Shell DEP’s measurement results of autoclave tests are required.

Our autoclaves can achieve pressures up to 410 bar and up to 350 °C. In addition gases can be added as, for example, CO2 , H2S, CH4 and SO4 and all kinds of test liquids are introduced into desired concentrations. The duration of test ranges from 24 hours up to a month or longer.

Other tests are:

  • Gas pressure variation test (ISO 15741)
  • Hydraulic pressure blistering test (ISO 15741)
  • Atlas autoclave test (NACE TM0185)
  • Hydraulic blistering test (API RP 5L2)
  • Blistering gas test (API RP 5L2)
  • EN 10301
  • API RP 5L9