Durability testing

The COT laboratory is equipped to perform several durability tests on building materials in general and paint and paint systems in particular. This can be done by accelerated weathering tests in the laboratory or filed exposition outside (according to ISO 2810).

There is a long list of weathering- and durability tests in the laboratory. Tests often applied are the following:

  • Exposure to a high temperature continuously or in a cyclic temperature test
  • Exposure to a specified combination of temperature and relative humidity (RH) or in a temperature /RH cyclic test
  • QUV tests, exposition in a QUV test chamber according to ISO 16474-1 and 3, having panels in an atmosphere of with UV radiation, humidity (condensation or spray) and raised temperature
  • Sun test or Xenon test, exposition according to ISO 16474-2
  • Immersion in various liquids or liquid mixtures, if desired at high temperature and/or high pressure.