Physical properties

There is a very long list of physical properties of a paint or paint related product which can be determined by the COT laboratory. Below you can find a list of many important items, together with the method(s) and/or standard(s):

properties method standard
viscosity Brookfield
flow cup
ISO 2431
ISO 2431
density pycnometer ISO 2811
fineness of grind ISO 1524
flash point Abel Pensky ISO 1523, ASTM D3278
drying times ISO 9117-3
storage stability shelf life
hiding power ISO 6504
pinholes high or low voltage NACE RP 0188, ISO 2746
water vapour permeability ISO 7783-2, ASTM D1653,
DIN 53122
water permeability EN 1062-3
water absorption water uptake ASTM D570
freeze resistance freeze-thaw stability test
chemical resistance ISO 2812
adhesion cross-cut
ISO 2409
ISO 4624
stackability ISO 9117-2, DIN 53150
hardness König
shore A
ISO 1522
ASTM D3363
ASTM D2240
elasticity Erichsen
cylindrical mandrel
conical mandrel
ISO 1520
ISO 1519
impact resistance ASTM D2794, ASTM G17,
ISO 6272
thick film cracking cyclic temperature test
falling nuts
chipping resistance
NEN 5335
ASTM D3170
scratch resistance ISO 1518
abrasion resistance with pad
with brush
falling sand
ISO 11998
DIN 53778-2
EN 13300
ASTM D4060
heat resistance temperature test
force of traction flexural strength
tensile strength
ISO 178, ASTM D790
ISO 527, ASTM D412,
elongation at break ISO 178, ISO 527
peel strength EN 10329
gloss 60° ISO 2813
colour CIE 1976 ISO 11664-4
orange peel ISO 11347
layer thickness microscopy ISO 2808