Condensation tests

Condensation Tests are divided in two main groups, one-sided and all-sided tests.

The one-sided tests are carried out in a condensation cabinet according to ISO 6270-1, a closed cabinet in which an atmosphere of 100 % relative humidity is maintained at a temperature of 38 ± 2 °C. The coated side of the test panels is located in the condensation phase, the back side of the panels is exposed to standard laboratory conditions (23 ± 2 °C  and 50 ± 5 % RH).

All-sided Condensation Tests according to ISO 6270-2 are carried out in a climate chamber at 40 °C and 95-100 % RH. The duration of exposure can vary from 24 hours up to 1000 or 2000 hours, all depending on the specification. The standard also describes the possibility of variations in relative humidity.

The COT laboratory also has several climate cabinets in which temperature and relative humidity can be varied at will. If desired it is also possible to insert gases.