Cyclic aging tests

There are several Cyclic aging tests which can be performed in climate chambers at the COT laboratory:

  • The aging test according to ISO 20340 (or NORSOK), the artificial aging test for pipelines according to ISO 15741, ISO 11997-2 and various ASTM standards. The aging test according to ISO 20340 takes 25 weeks and has a cycle of 3 days QUV (alternating 4 hours exposure (with UVA) at 60 °C and 4 hours condensation at 50 °C), 3 days neutral salt spray (ISO 9227), and 1 day exposition at -20 °C. The ISO 11997-2 is a test method to determine the resistance of coatings in a defined cycle of wet (salt spray) / dry / condensation / UV light.
  • ASTM G 85 describes five varieties, including corrosion-change test.
  • Also cyclic tests with variations in temperature from -40 °C to +180 °C and RH in a range of 0 to 100 % are possible

When other standards or specifications are required, the COT Laboratory will gladly investigate the possibilities of performing these tests.