Immersion tests

Immersion tests are often carried out in accordance with ISO 2812. The coated test panels are completely or partially immersed in a test liquid, a homogeneous liquid mixture or a 2 or 3-phase liquid mixture at a given temperature and for a period of time which can range from 24 hours up to 6 months.

ISO 2812-1 describes the test in liquids other than water.

ISO 2812-2 describes immersion in water. The well known steel preservation standard ISO 12944-6 describes the corrosion category C5-I immersion tests in NaOH, sulfuric acid and mineral spirit during one week in accordance with ISO 2812-1. In addition there is water immersion according to ISO 2812-2 for 2000 or 3000 hours for the corrosion categories Im.

COT carries out the so-called one-side tests according to NACE TM-0174 or ASTM C 868, also known as Atlas cell, in which a non-insulated storage tank is simulated. The test can be carried out with additional cooling on the outside. For this test the standard version can be selected but also a pressurized version is available if the temperature of the immersion liquid is above the boiling point of the immersion liquid.